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All Los Angeles-based in-person CLAA events and activities are officially UNDER CONSTRUCTION.
Please follow CDC recommendations and stand with us in this fight for a healthier
tomorrow and stay tuned for our virtual events. Hermanos and hermanas across the globe, the Berkeley angelenos have your
back. See you around LA soon…

Black Lives Matter

We, the board of the Los Angeles Chapter of UC Berkeley Chicanx Latinx Alumni Association, stand in solidarity of Black Lives Matter.

Silence has not ever and will not ever be an option. We embrace this movement as an opportunity to self-reflect and take action. We owe it to ourselves, our ancestors, our future generations and each other. Let’s take a stand for what’s right. It does not mean we understand everything, but it means that we are empowered to understand more. How do we start? We let go of our comfort. There is absolutely nothing comfortable about fighting racism. Let’s not hide under the stigma of “politics” at the dinner table. Let’s not crouch in fear that our social responsibility can potentially derail our professional aspirations. Remember that it is a privilege to be educating yourself on racism rather than experiencing it first-hand.

So – embrace your grief; feel indignant; but please don’t forget to take action. It is the best way to honor those we’ve lost because we simply didn’t make the time to speak up.


Nosotros, el comité ejecutivo de la Asociación de Graduados Chicanx Latinx de UC Berkeley en Los Angeles, nos unimos en solidaridad con Black Lives Matter.

El silencio nunca ha sido y nunca será una opción. Celebramos este movimiento como una oportunidad de reflejo personal y un llamado para actuar. Es una deuda que tenemos con nosotros mismos, con todos los que nos rodean, con nuestros ancestros y con nuestras futuras generaciones. Defendamos lo que es justo! Esto no quiere decir que lo entendemos todo, pero nos da las fuerzas para querer entender más. ¿Cómo empezamos? Desarrojándonos de la comodidad. No es nada fácil combatir el racismo. No nos escondamos debajo del estigma de “la política” cuando estemos compartiendo una cena. No sigamos siendo consumidos por el miedo de que nuestra responsabilidad social podría potencialmente derrocar nuestras aspiraciones profesionales. Tenemos que acordarnos que es un privilegio poder educarnos acerca del racismo en vez de vivirlo en carne propia.

Entonces – aceptemos nuestra tristeza, esa indignación, pero por favor no nos olvidemos de actuar. Esta es la mejor manera de honrar a tantos que hemos perdido por simplemente no darnos el tiempo de hablar en voz alta.

Action Plan

virtual yield events 2020

“Thank you all for the resources and all the positive and motivational energy. Extremely excited to become more involved!!” – Ivet Avila ’22, Anthropology

Thank you to all those who volunteered and congratulations once again to all new Golden Bears!

During these events we hosted 10 sessions; had 7 chapters participate (one live and direct from Lima, Perú); had guests such as Representatives from Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Financial Aid Office, Berkeley Student Co-Operative Alumni Association, CLAA, CLSD, and current undergraduates (including ASUC Senator Nick Araujo); hosted 268 total new admits; and had a total of 170 alumni volunteer.

This is only the beginning! Welcome parties for all registered Cal familia is coming your way in July, and a Winter celebration is in the works for the holiday season. Stay tuned…

campus update

Led by Lupe Gallegos-Diaz and Evelyn Rojo, this team of superstars is responsible for creating a sense of comunidad on the Berkeley campus. Under their tutelage, our Cal students están en buenas manos. We continue to be inspired by your drive, and are eternally grateful for your commitment to our well-being. 

We joined forces to welcome our newly admitted Osxs this April. They welcomed CLAA with open arms, and we loved it. We declare ourselves the Southern California arm to all the incredible things you are doing up in Berkeley! Adelante, juntos!

covid-19 at cal

  • UC Berkeley will be operating under the distance learning platform for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020. Specific instruction is being provided for any coursework that requires laboratory components. 
  • Graduations have been postponed. All members of the Berkeley campus, including your Chicanx Latinx Student Development team, are working on ensuring that all graduates will still be celebrated sooner rather than later. 
  • We continue to promote social distancing and our responsibility to each other’s safety. Check out a very useful explanation on the different masks (thank you ProjectProtect for the chart).

CDC recommendations on how to make/clean/wear masks. ¡Aprendamos! 

  • Stay update to date with the latest information, resources and inspirational work being done by our Berkeley campus family in response to the pandemic: https://news.berkeley.edu/coronavirus/

Prospective Golden Bears (Class of 2024)

Attention Future Bears! Please click on this link for details on signing up for your Latinx virtual orientation and how to have Q&A with current students as well as alumni.

Congratulations on your acceptance to UC Berkeley! Please keep these important dates in mind as you decide where to pursue your academic career.

  • April 15: Deadline for Freshman students on the wait list to “opt-in”
  • April 17: Transfer Decision Release Day
  • April 18-24: Cal Week Virtual Engagement
  • May 1: Deadline for Freshman admits to accept their offer of admission
  • May 15: Deadline for Transfer students on the wait list to “opt-in”
  • June 1: Deadline for Transfer admits to accept their offer of admission
  • July 1: Transcript deadline for all incoming students
  • July 15: Deadline for other documents (IGETC, exams, etc.)

CLAA-LA recognizes that prospective students might have several questions due to the COVID-19 and encourages them to contact the university. Please click on this link to find out more about reaching out to the university regarding this matter.

#IAmBerkeley Social Media Campaign

Post a picture or video with a personalized message to students and use hashtags #IAmBerkeley #BerkeleyBound #CLAALosAngeles. Your post may be featured in OUA or CLAA’s online campaigns to welcome all recently admitted Cal applicants in April. Click on the link below for details.

Alumni Spotlight


The pandemic is reminding us that our belonging is conditional. One moment we are Americans, the next we are all foreigners, who ‘brought’ the virus here.

Thank you, John. The word “community” is not limited to only those of us who speak Spanish. We are all in this fight together.

Professional Development Resources

Free Webinars, brought to you by the UC Alumni Career Network.

Navigating the Gig Economy
Monday, May 18, 2020 from 12:00-1:00 PM (PST)
The panel includes freelancers, business owners, self-employed professionals, and others who have successfully navigated the gig economy for advice on identifying opportunities, balancing multiple gigs and strategies for career success. Register here.

Career Design: Crafting a Career that works for you
Tuesday, June 2, 2020 from 12:00-1:00 PM (PST)
Career design is a research-based, creative process of envisioning a career that fits your preferences, interests, personality, and values and taking actionable steps to break down internal and external barriers to prepare for the career you want. This introduction to career design will be filled with actionable steps to help you envision and craft a meaningful career. Register here.

US Census 2020

We were joined in our January monthly board meeting by fellow alumna, Ana Cubas. It was a great presentation on the upcoming US Census initiative, where she explained the process, provided key dates and even promoted hiring opportunities for all who may be interested. Please reach out to us
(berkeleyclaa.la@gmail.com) if you have questions for Ana and we would be happy to put you in


Please stay informed and support the process by checking out the links below. It’s important!

¡También en español!

Gracias, Ana, por informarmos. We were lucky to have you, and look forward to seeing you at future CLAA events.

Thank You Donors!

The UC Berkeley Chicanx Latinx Alumni Association, Los Angeles (CLAA-LA) Scholarship supports undergraduate Chicano Latino students enrolled at UC Berkeley who demonstrate financial need for tuition, books, equipment, and living expenses.

Congratulations to 2019 Scholarship Recipients!

Learn more about your donation’s impact on these students’ undergraduate experience in our past recipients section.

¡Feliz Día de César Chávez!
(from your friends at CLAA-Los Angeles)

In a time in which it is easy to point out differences and politicize even the most noble of actions, let’s please pause and reflect. We are Los Angeles; we are California. We are emblems of a history that has withstood hardship and discord, but that has never succumbed to either. We are invigorated by where we came from, just as we are stubborn to redefine what we are capable of becoming. We carry our culture proudly on our backs and march on with thick skin towards whatever it is that tomorrow will bring.

César Chávez history in Los Angeles


Learn more about the history behind Cesar Chavez Avenue, from Placita Olvera to Monterrey Park and all the opinions in between.