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First, Not Last: Breaking Generational Barriers

The Berkeley CLAA-LA Chapter is meant to provide resources to alumni in the LA market,  and as such, we aspire to become part of the fabric that makes LA. 

This year, we will focus on serving our alumni, prospective students, and overall Greater Los Angeles comunidad by ensuring that we provide learning, growing, outreach and networking opportunities that allow us to push and pull each other towards paving the way for ourselves and future generations. Our motto for the year, First, Not Last: Breaking Generational Barriers, exemplifies just that – our commitment to be a space that welcomes all members of the Los Angeles community to partake in opening doors for one another and slowly removing barriers for the next generation. 

Virtual and In-person Event Updates

With summer kicking-off and our situation slightly changing in the state, we are excited to gather your feedback in regards to in-person and virtual programming. We invite you to please provide us with your feedback here by 6/30/21. Your feedback will be anonymous unless you want to be entered into our Amazon gift card drawing. 

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We stand with the AAPI community!

The word violence isn’t lost on us. It represents a sad truth and a painfully uncomfortable reality. It serves no purpose in this world. Today, we are once again moved by its unjustifiable impact.

The Los Angeles Chapter of the UC Berkeley Chicanx Latinx Alumni Association stands firmly with our Asian and Asian-American Pacific Islander brothers and sisters, and we vociferously condemn all aggressions against them. We hear you. We are ready to hear more. It is not our place to assume we know everything that you are going through. We humbly request that you teach us. In the meantime, we offer our most sincere commitment to grow with you.

This is a time to come together. We are ready to reflect and acknowledge our role in letting this hateful rhetoric happen. We march with you towards a path of change. Our many generations deserve this amount of respect, and more.  

We’re with you, dear friends. You can count on us.

2021 CLAA Scholarship Application

We are proud to announce that we have opened our 2021 CLAA Scholarship Application for incoming/current undergrad and graduate students! Please share this application to any Latinx Cal students you know! The deadline to apply is July 18, 2021.

We continue to welcome donations. Every dollar makes a difference in our students’ lives. With over 100 applications submitted every year, it is evident that the financial need of Latinx students is still substantial. The LA chapter awarded 13 scholarships in 2020; help us award more scholarships this year! 

Donating to CLAA

All donations go towards scholarships and materials for hosting events. Students are encouraged to apply for a scholarship every year and will usually receive the funding awarded before the beginning of the next school year. Materials used for hosting events include decorations, food, utensils, raffle items, deposits for reserving a space, and more. Most of these items will be paid for by the monies generated through fundraising events.

Hey, you brainy Bears!

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Think you’re a connoisseur of all things Cal?

This quiz will put your knowledge of UC Berkeley — its history, its traditions, and its communities — to the test. Most of the images you’ll see come from the UC Berkeley Library’s Digital Collections website, a window into the history of Cal and the wider world. Use it for scholarly research or just to satisfy your curiosity — anytime, anywhere.


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