Bears Night Out 2020

Bears Breaking Barriers to Achieve Success

Thank You Donors! This year we issued scholarships to 13 students. We hope to see you at BNO 2021!


Place a bid and let your friends know! Sharing is more than caring, this time around. 

Starts: September 4 at 12:30am PST
Ends: September 18 at 8pm PST

Bears Night Out 2020 – The Auction

Among the items up for grabs:

  • Dodgers memorabilia
  • Magic Johnson’s autograph
  • Disneyland Tickets
  • Customized and delicious pastries
  • A chance to meet of the most important Latinxs in LA sports history

Nuestra Tradición en Los Angeles

Bears Night Out (BNO) has historically served two important purposes – it is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and it is our cornerstone CLAA community building party in LA. It also serves as an opportunity to alumni of all generations to re-connect and meet the newest additions to the group. 

Essentially, BNO is our CLAA Los Angeles family reunion – a quincieañera, bautismo and carne asada all rolled in one – with all the padrinos, chismes and best dressed nominations.

The Reality Check in 2020

A defining moment

UC Berkeley is welcoming the largest Latinx incoming class in our prestigious and proud history.

Is met with a challenge

The California state 2020-2021 Budget identified significant cuts to higher education and UC’s are facing a $370 million cut. This could mean everything from making internal cuts or even raising tuition, a frightening reality which would immediately compromise low income and students of color.

The numbers are reinforced by data points recently published by The California Student Aid Commission:

Results from a poll completed by Latinx voters and developed by UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies also agrees:

BNO 2020

Our annual scholarship fundraiser, Bears Night Out, offers us this opportunity to rise in support. The tradition of networking and socializing is still possible. Our spirit remains strong. Virtual, but strong. 

This year, our fourth annual fundraiser offers us meaningful and timely programming – celebrating those former and current Cal Latinx students who have not only broken barriers, but who continue to triumph in our comunidad. The event will consist of the following: 

  • Alumni and Student Panel
  • Silent Auction
  • Live Entertainment
  • Raffle

Our Incredible 2020 Alumni and Student Panel

Nick Araujo 2021

Jessica Vasquez 2008

Jessie Hernandez 2012

Angela Ortiz 2021

Dr. Jaime del Razo 1999

Padrinos y Madrinas 2020

  • Adrian Sanchez
  • Adriana Trenado
  • Adrianna Avila
  • Alejandra Martin
  • Andrew Nuñez
  • Anne Kim
  • Anthony Marquina
  • Armando Nuñez
  • Ashley Pech
  • Brenda Gonzalez
  • Brian Leto
  • Carlos Delherra
  • Carlos Delgado
  • Diego Jácome
  • Doug Ruiz
  • Elizabeth Cortes Mateo
  • Eric Zapien
  • Erika Jácome
  • Erika Sanchez
  • Gary Alvarez
  • Gina Pech
  • Imelda Delherra
  • Irene Padilla
  • Jamie Farfan
  • Jesus Quiroz
  • Joel Moreno
  • Johana Guardado
  • Jose Moreno
  • Juan Aguilera
  • Julio Garibay
  • Justine Woerner
  • Karen Hernandez

  • Karina Moreno
  • Lauren Valencia
  • Leticia Montalvo
  • Lourdes Guerrero
  • Luis Lopez
  • Luis Sanchez Arevalo
  • Margarita Landeros
  • Maria Montalvo
  • Maria Gonzalez
  • Maribel De Anda
  • Marie Pichay
  • Mark Kuskowski
  • Mary Garcia
  • Max Cortes
  • Mayra Sanchez
  • Mayra Villalta
  • Melissa Cervantes
  • Monica Preciado
  • Michael Treviño
  • Nadya Cantabrana
  • Nestor Lemus
  • Ninoska Rodriguez
  • René Venegas
  • Shannon Marie
  • Shantell Urzua
  • Sheila Sanchez
  • Tom Fry
  • Ulysses Millan
  • William and Susan Russell
  • Yancy Alvarenga
  • Yleana Benitez