Bears Night Out 2021

We are eager to come together once again and rejoice with one another as we fundraise for our annual scholarship. We know that the past 19 months have been challenging for all of us, and even through these times, we have remained committed to serving our new generation as they access and persist at Cal. 

We invite you to join us on October 21 at 6:00 PM at Angeleno Wine Company and taste the wines that our local vineyards produce. We will have light pairings for your wine flight and entertainment. You get your wine flight and light pairing snacks for the price of $45. 

Come mingle and share in some fine wine as you contribute to our cause, college student access and success. We continue our goal of helping increase the number of college diplomas in Latinx households. 

Nuestra Tradición en Los Angeles

Bears Night Out (BNO) has historically served two important purposes – it is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and it is our cornerstone CLAA community building party in LA. It also serves as an opportunity to alumni of all generations to re-connect and meet the newest additions to the group. 

Essentially, BNO is our CLAA Los Angeles family reunion – a quincieañera, bautismo and carne asada all rolled in one – with all the padrinos, chismes and best dressed nominations.